Changing the grain shape to a custom geo

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Ive been looking into the grain shelf and been trying to use a custom geo to make some sand look more like it is made of sand grains.

My idea is to basically just make another sphere and added the mountain node for now making it look less uniform.

I appear to be completely failing, I've looked on line and tried the docs but unfortunately I cannot seems to find what I am looking for. I have tried editing the SOP Path in the popobject and also tried pop instance on the pop solver branch of the DOP but I'm still not getting it.

Or should I be using VEX displacment on the existing sprite?

Does anyone have the patience to help a newb in need.

Many thanks
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ambake01. Still no replies? I am trying to do the same as you. Did you find any results on your own?
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Hi Ambake,
One way to try solve the problem is to write some Vex. Assuming the grapes are sphere primitives your could use the point cloud of the points in the centre of each sphere, get the distance to the nearest neighbours and then set the pscale attribute (if you are using copy-to-points) to scale the sphere down to a radius that does not exceed the distance to the nearest neighbour.

You might be able to achieve the same result using two nested for-each nodes and use the measure node to get the distances. I haven't tried that so not 100% sure it can be done that way.

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