How to stop RBD Chain Simulation Breaking?

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I have a chain constructed from a top-link, a series of middle links in a copy, and a bottom link which is merged with a box. The box is the object I want to carry using the chain, by moving the top link around.

The problem is that the chain is constantly breaking. Increasing substeps in the rigidbodysolver seems to help keep the chain alone intact, however as soon as I introduce the box, no amount of increasing substeps does the trick.

Can anyone please tell me where I'm going wrong?

I've taken a look at Rigid Body Solver Settings - Chain Simulation [] however my understanding of houdini is too basic to fully follow the suggested VDB to Spheres method and the reasoning behind it.

Here's my file -
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Chain Simulation_REV 01.hipnc (312.3 KB)

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