Poly extrude along curve

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Hi there,

I was following this tutorial https://vimeo.com/142470680 [vimeo.com] but the extrude just doesn't behave like in the video. The extruded object seems to be in the right shape (except the start), but in a different scale/rotation/position. What am I missing? This should be super straight forward, right? Sorry if this has been answered before.

a placed box, the curve. selected face is 3.

The resulting gemoetry doesn't match the curve.

Attached you'll find the simple scene file, but its essentially the exact same steps than in the movie.


curve_extrude.hip (118.5 KB)

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Actually i don't know if it even shoul'd be on the curve. (But i am a starter…and i don't know many nodes yet.)
Anyway here is your Scene file re-saved as *.hipnc(sorry only Apprentice here) with one added switch node, state 0 is a grid(a face) extruded along curve1(through a sweep node and some other nodes(inside the subnet).

Hope this helps somewhat.
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curve_extrude_switch_sweep.hipnc (132.9 KB)
Capture.PNG (857.3 KB)

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