$JOB path issues with UE4.

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Hi all,

I've got some issues with asset paths in Houdini/UE4.

All my external OBJs that I reference inside of Houdini work fine with the $JOB project path, but don't import correctly inside UE4 when exports as a .HDA.

UE4 wants to see the full path for the asset. UE4 doesn't understand the $JOB path, has anyone got a workaround for this??

I can't use full paths as we share our project over perforce, so other people need to be able to open files and the pick up externally referenced files..

Many thanks
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$JOB is normally set at the hip file / project level, when using the plugin, since you're not loading a hipfile, that variable is likely not set to what you want it to.

I recommend to not use these with HDA that you plan to use with a Houdini Engine Plugin (same thing for $HIP for example)

For unreal, I'd generally recommend setting a env variable for the project, (you could use $HSITE for example).
That you can set in a custom env file to be used with the plugin. Have the plugin use that custom env file in the project settings.

The unreal path can be relative, so should work with other people's setup as well.
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