Request: Custom Viewport Shaders

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I'm interested in learning more about writing custom viewport shaders in Houdini. I'm very interested in stylized rendering and I'm turning the viewport in my "main render engine", especially because Houdini provides so much flexibility with viewport shaders.

However I'm not finding all to many resources/examples on creating custom viewport shaders. Here's what I've found:

Does anyone know of any other tutorials (free or paid) that cover this topic? Or publicly available demo shaders for Houdini? Are any examples built into Houdini with available source code?

I know there are many tutorials on shading for Mantra/Octane/Redshift etc., but I haven't seen anything as in depth for viewport shaders.

The new MALT render engine for blender has a wide selection of non-photo-real shaders which I'd like to recreate in Houdini. I know OSL shaders exist that could probably do all of these looks, but again I'm really interested in making the most of real time viewport shading.
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Houdini's openGL viewport is not the best, and will bog down, not refresh, and cause all manner of issues.
I would suggest not going down this avenue at all, as it's possible the viewport could be replaced by something
unreal based or similar in the future.

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Hi, I'm also interested in this track. Although it is discouraged by lewis_T, as a new graphics programmer, I really enjoy the real-time Geometry Spreadsheet and I would call Houdini the Best IDE for graphics I have ever known.

The only extra thing I have found is HDK Custom Viewport Rendering: []
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You can use the MaterialX VOPs to create a custom material in 19.5, which is much easier to set up than coding in GLSL. I'd highly recommend this over attempting to generate a GLSL shader yourself. The main restriction is that all VOPs must be MaterialX VOPs - you can't mix and match with other VOPs. Then just assign that VOP or Material to your geometry.
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