Generating Motion using CHOPs

This project represents an experimental approach to creating motion. I used the channel operators in Houdini 16.5 to generate a motion library for the mech model. The library currently contains a few basic motions, like: walking, running, turning and some blends in between.
All the motions are built using CHOP nodes so they are fully procedural.

Mech model provided by:

I worked on this project in my 2nd year at Breda University of Applied Sciences



I am a student using Houdini mainly for game development. I am studying at Breda University of Applied Sciences and I am currently focusing on rigging and procedural animation.

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  • harryabreu 4 years, 7 months ago  | 

    Good work.
    Go ahead and refine your work you have a very beautiful and large road to improve your skills. ;-)
    Congratulation for your effort.

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