Tank Firing Houdini FX

All Aspects except the Hummer model - 3D tracking, FX (Pyro), Lighting, Compositing, Modeling, Texture, Rigging and Animation

Software: Houdini, Nuke, Maya, Mari, Photoshop

This is my personal project at SideFX. I did everything in this shot except Hummer model. I did 3D camera tracking in Nuke. After I get the tracking done, I exported the camera and guide geometry into Houdini and match the CG elements base on the camera and guide geometry. I also did the tank modeling, texture, rigging, animation, all the FX, lighting and Compositing. If you want to know more info about my, please visit my website: jinguanghuang.com/


  • lorsange 3 months, 2 weeks ago  | 

    still great, kudos

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