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Hi all,

Just posting here to see if anyone had any insight.

We'd be interested in customizing the Stage Manager LOP Node. By default it has a file browser.
We store USD files via URI reference using our custom USD ArResolver ( []). It'd be great to populate the stage manager with our assets, perhaps even a thumbnail, and when dragged have it use our uri instead of a file path on disk.

Anyone got any experience or also interested in doing this?

Ben Skinner
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These pyside interfaces are basically just python panels. You can now make python panels available on nodes as an option when editing/crearing the panels.

I reckon you can basically chuck in your modifications in the statemanager python panel and should be good to go.
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At Blue Sky we've copied the Python Panel for Stage Manager, and added our Product Browser to pull in assets out of Conduit into Solaris. You can catch a quick glance at it here, during the launch event: []

I believe most of the work was in, where we added to the drag/drop events in StageManagerTreeView to pass the paths from our Product Browser (which is just a Qt widget); we just added ours alongside the default file picker, in the StageManagerPanel class. I didn't actually do the work, and the person is out for a while, but that's the gist of it! That person had 99% of the functionality working after only a couple of days.

Hope that helps!
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