Redshift: Hqueue slowdown

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Using redshift these days as my main renderer and I'm very happy with its speed!

I have noticed a big slowdown however when using Hqueue. When I render from within Houdini I get 2 to 3 seconds per frame, submitting via Hqueue I get about 13 to 14 seconds per frame. Still very very fast, but that seems like a huge slow down! (Using Houdini Indie if that makes a difference)

I suspect it's because Hqueue opens and closes an instance of Houdini per frame. I've already got Hqueue using a local install of Houdini (as opposed to a network location).

I'm just using a render node to process these and while I could just manually render each scene from within Houdini, it'd be nice to have them all queued up so I don't have to start each one after the other has finished.

Is there a way to have hqueue keep the instance of Houdini open to render a whole sequence rather than open/close per frame? (assuming that's what's happening)

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