Plugin updates for Unity 2018.3, multiple HDA inputs, custom pipelines/shaders

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There have been a number of updates to the Unity plugin in the last couple of days. I'd thought it would be good to point them out in case you have been waiting for these, and to get feedback. These should all be in the latest daily builds.

Unity 2018.3 Support
The plugin should be compatible with Unity 2018.3b. This includes updates to support the changes in prefabs and terrain in Unity 2018.3. Specifically, updated Unity API calls for prefab creation and modification, as well as creating the new terrain layers for heightfields.

Fixed baking issues for meshes, and creating proper nested prefabs when using instance inputs that are prefabs.

Updated UI for Unity 2018.3 editor changes.

Custom Default Shaders
This was intended to support the new Scriptable Render Pipelines. Since the APIs to create and manage materials and shaders for these are not yet finalized or even available in some cases, the workaround for the plugin was to allow to set the default shaders used when creating the materials. In the Plugin Settings window, you can now change the default shaders under the Geometry section. For example, to use the default LWRP shader, change Default Standard Shader to Lightweight Render Pipeline/Lit.

Multiple input HDAs
Added support for specifying multiple input HDAs for object merge path parameter. Previously only one HDA was allowed. HDA inputs also now expose and support the Keep World Transform and Packed Primitive options that regular mesh inputs had.

Other fixes and changes
Added support for outputting convex colliders.

Fixed editing rotated curve's points, and mouse jumping while editing.

Fixed Plugin Settings window trying to update after being closed or disabled on scene refresh.

Fixed bug where loading preset with inputs objects that weren't root objects in scene failed.

Fixed painting and editing nodes failing on uploading attributes.

Changelog here: []
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Hi Seelan,
Is the last Houdini 16.5 update supporting Unity 2018.3.0f2 ?

I am currently using 16.5.663. It worked until 2018.3.0f1 (with a few instabilities but still usable), but with 2018.3.0f2 (shipped today) I can't use the Unity Asset/Mesh input anymore.

Edit: Solved. I just saw the last entry in the 16.5 log : []
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