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Hi all. I'm trying to use the Houdini Niagara rop to bring an RBD simulation to Unreal and struggling in transferring the correct orientation for the pieces. Did anyone manage to achieve this?
I managed to create the correct orient attribute in Houdini, but how do I feed it to Niagara? What module should use this attribute? I tried “orient mesh to vector” with overriding the quaternion, but it gives the wrong orientation whatever I do.

edit - I found a solution - I had to generate a fake N from orient inside Houdini and export both orient and N, then I used this normal as Look at the direction in “orient mesh to vector” module + orient as quaternion override + N as reference axis vector + 1 override incoming orientation. This feels like an overly complex answer to a simple rotation question.

But I have new questions:
1 - Niagara side - When I try to convert emitter to GPU sim, I get an “invalid type for index in NiagaraEmitterInstance.ush”. Is it even possible to use GPU?
2 - Houdini side - After the first frame I have a weird position offset on each piece. I think it could be some pivot offset, but why it's only starting on frame 2? I mean It looks ok in sim right after RBD but if I delete geometry and instance exported pieces on rbd points, this offset appears.
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Hi There

I am trying to create a looping particle animation and there seems to be a weird delay in the beginning of animation. I have reduced my data to 1 point and 10 frames and created a super simple position sampler, but the problem still presists.
In Particle Update my ‘Test Script’ just reads the position value of the particle 1 at frame 1 (the position is 0,0,0 here) and passes it on to the Houdini particle position parameter. But I have to go to approx. 0.03 on the timeline before the particle shows up.

WHAT am I not understanding here?!?


HouNiagara_problem1.JPG (167.0 KB)
HouNiagara_problem2.JPG (154.1 KB)

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Could we please have the Unreal 25.4 compile? I tried to get into this and 25.4 is the only one Epic is giving me but the tools are compiled for 25.3. Thanks!
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