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Attribute Delete TOP node

Removes attributes from work items.

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This node deletes a list of attributes (or all attributes) from incoming work items. (More correctly, it outputs clones of the incoming work items, but filters out matching attributes).


Work Item Generation

Whether this node generates static or dynamic work items. You should generally leave this set to "Automatic" unless you know the node’s work items can be computed statically, or that they need to be generated dynamically.


This node always creates dynamic work items: it waits until the upstream work items are known, and generates new work items from the upstream work items.


This node always creates static work items: it creates the number of work items it thinks it needs based on the parameters (and any upstream static items) before the network runs.


If the input is static (a static processor, or a partitioner with only static inputs, or a mapper), this node generates static work items, otherwise it generates dynamic work items.

Delete When

If you turn this on, the node only removes the attribute(s) below from work items where the given expression evaluates to a non-zero value. The expression does not have to involve the attributes being deleted. For example, to remove attributes from any work items whose tile_x attribute is greater than 5, turn on Delete when and set the expression to @tile_x > 5.

Delete All Attributes

Delete all custom attributes. This does not affect internal attributes such as pdg_index and pdg_output.

Delete Using

Set this parameter to choose how you want to delete attributes. Attributes can be removed using an attribute pattern or by using a mulitparm list of attribute names.

Missing Attribute

Determines what happens if an work item is missing one of the attributes from the Attribute List.

Attribute Pattern

When Delete Using is set to Attribute Pattern, this parameter is used to specify the pattern that determines which attributes are deleted.

Attribute List

A multi-parm allowing you to delete one or more attributes by name. This parameter is used when Delete Using is set to Attribute List.

Attribute Name

The name of the attribute to delete.


When this is on, instead of removing the attribute, the node will truncate the attribute value after a certain position. For example, if you set this to 1, the node will delete any vector components after the first, effectively setting the vector size to 1.


example_top_attributedelete Example for Attribute Delete TOP node

This example demonstrates how to delete attributes for workitems of TOP nodes.

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