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JSON Output TOP node

Performs various operations that produce JSON output

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Since 17.5

This node offers various functionality that will produce a JSON file as output.


The $HH/help/files/pdg_examples/top_jsonpipeline example shows how you can use this node to prettify an existing .json file.





This specifies the operation that you want to perform.

Write Upstream Work Item to JSON

This operation will write information about the upstream work item to the specified JSON output file.


This operation will make a JSON file more readable by adding spaces, separators, and by sorting the contents.

Write Partition Contents

Controls how partition work items are written. By default, the partition itself is written to disk as a single work item, but you can turn on this parameter to write the partition contents to JSON as an array of work items.

This parameter is only available when Operation is set to __Write Upstream Work Item to JSON.


This parameter is used to specify the input JSON file for the Prettify operation.


Output File Tag

This specifies the tag of the reported result data.

Output File

This specifies the output file path.


Generate When

Determines when this node will generate work items. You should generally leave this set to “Automatic” unless you know the node requires a specific generation mode, or that the work items need to be generated dynamically.

All Upstream Items are Generated

This node will generate work items once all of the input nodes have generated their work items.

All Upstream Items are Cooked

This node will generate work items once all of the input nodes have cooked their work items.

Each Upstream Item is Cooked

This node will generate work items each time a work item in an input node is cooked.


The generation mode is selected based on the generation mode of the input nodes. If any of the input nodes are generating work items when their inputs cook, this node will be set to Each Upstream Item is Cooked. Otherwise, it will be set to All Upstream Items are Generated.


example_top_jsonoutput Example for JSON Output TOP node

This example demonstrates how to use json output node to write workitem data to json format, or to reformat existing json files.

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