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File Compress TOP node

Compress files into an archive.

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Since 17.5

This node generates a work item for each incoming work item that takes all file results tagged file and compiles them into a compressed archive. The output result of each work item is the archive file.

TOP Attributes



The compression method (for example, "zip" or "tar.gz").



File path to the output archive file.



Array of path strings representing the source files compiled into the archive.




How do decide what file(s) to compress:

Custom File Path

Set the path to the file to compress in the File Path parameter.

Upstream Output Files

Compress any file paths in the output attributes of incoming work items if they have the given file tag.

File To Compress

When Mode is "Custom File Path", the path of the file to be compressed.

File Tag

When Mode is "Upstream Output Files", compress paths in the output attributes of incoming work items if they have this file tag.

Compression Method

The archive method/format, ZIP or tar.gz.

Output File

Specify the file path of the generated archive file. The file extension will be added if not specified.


TOP Scheduler Override

This parameter overrides the TOP scheduler for this node.

Work Item Priority

This parameter determines how the current scheduler prioritizes the work items in this node.

Inherit From Upstream Item

The work items inherit their priority from their parent items. If a work item has no parent, its priority is set to 0.

Custom Expression

The work item priority is set to the value of Priority Expression.

Node Defines Priority

The work item priority is set based on the node’s own internal priority calculations.

This option is only available on the Python Processor TOP, ROP Fetch TOP, and ROP Output TOP nodes. These nodes define their own prioritization schemes that are implemented in their node logic.

Priority Expression

This parameter specifies an expression for work item priority. The expression is evaluated for each work item in the node.

This parameter is only available when Work Item Priority is set to Custom Expression.


example_top_filecompress Example for File Compress TOP node

This example demonstrates how to compress files using TOPs / PDG.

input1 Example for File Compress TOP node

input2 Example for File Compress TOP node

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