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Switch which between network branches

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Since 17.5

This node can be used to switch between input network branches based on the Select Input parameter. The node network will behave as if the selected input branch is wired directly into the node on the switch’s output. Nodes that are in branches that were not selected will not be cooked when executing the TOP graph.

This parameters in this node do not have access to work item attributes or input files. It gets evaluated before other nodes in the graph produce work items. If you want to branch based on an expression that uses work item attributes, you should use either the Filter by Expression or Split nodes.


Select Input

Selects which input branch is active. Other branches will not be evaluated when cooking the TOP graph.

Invalid Index

Determines what happens if the Select Input parameter refers to an invalid input index.


The invald index is silently ignored and the node generates no work items.

Report Warning

A warning is reported on the node and the node genenerates no work items.

Report Error

The node fails to cook and an error is reported on the node.

Invalidate Output Caches

When this toggle is enabled, TOP nodes downstream of the Switch will have their output cache files invalidated the next time they recook. If the toggle is off downstream nodes will still be dirtied, but caches will be unaffected.

Keep Failed Work Items

When this toggle is enabled, the switch node will also included failed upstream work items from the active branch. Note that if this option is only meaningful if the switche is dynamic, and generates from cooked inputs.


Switch Example for Switch TOP node

This example demonstrates how to use the switch TOP node.

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