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Shotgun Find TOP node

Find a Shotgun entity.

Search for a Shotgun entity by ID, name, code, or a custom filter.



Entity Type

The type of entity to search for.

Find All

Toggle this to allow the search to return an unlimited number of results.

Limit Results

Set a limit on the number of results.

Filter Type

Select the type of search query to perform.


Search for an entity by ID.


Search for an entity by its "name" field.


Search for an entity by its "code" field.

Filter Operator

Select between an "all" (and) filter and an "any" (or) operator to connect the filters.

Shotgun Filter

Enter a custom Shotgun Filter.


Specify a set of fields to return on the entities found.


Internal name of the field.

Attach as Workitem Data

Enable this to attach this as top-level result data on the workitem.

Order By

Enable this to order the results by this field.

Sort Type

Sort in ascending or descending order.

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