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Wait for All TOP node

Waits for all upstream work items to complete.

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This node puts all input work items into a single partition with an index of 0. This creates dependencies on all input work items, so this node waits for all upstream work to finish. You will often use this at the end of the network (before cleanup and notification nodes), and also in the network where you need everything in a branch to finish before moving on to the next step.

Partition nodes

Wait for All is a type of partitioner. Different partition nodes group together upstream work items in different ways. The main effect of partitioning items is that the partition only proceeds after all work items in the partition finish. Partitioning also groups together the attributes of the individual work items into list attributes on the partition.


Sort Contents By

Determines the order that work items are sorted when accessing the partitions on this node. This also affects the sort order of output files on the partition.


No sorting is applied - the work items in the partition are handled in no particular order.

Work Item Index

Work items in the partition are sorted based on their index

Input Node Order

Work items in the partition are sorted based on the order of inputs nodes wired into the partitioner itself. If two work items are from the same input, they are then sorted by index.


Work items in the partition are sorted based on the attribute specified in the Sort Attribute parameter.

Sort Direction

Determines whether the work items in this node’s partitions are sorted in ascending or descending order.

Sort Attribute

When Sort Contents By is set to Attribute, this parameter is used to determine the name of the attribute to sort by.

Merge Input Attributes

When this toggle is enabled the partitioner will merge the attributes of the work items in each partition and export them to the partition itself.

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