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USD Import Files TOP node

Creates work items from file references found in a USD stage.

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Since 18.0

This node reads a USD file and creates work items from referenced USD layer files or other files (for example, like images that are referenced as asset paths). This node can perform the search on the flattened stage, the individual root layer, or recursively on the root layer and all sub-layers. The paths of the found files are attached to the work items as file outputs.


Generate When

Determines when this node will generate work items. You should generally leave this set to “Automatic” unless you know the node requires a specific generation mode, or that the work items need to be generated dynamically.

All Upstream Items are Generated

This node will generate work items once all of the input nodes have generated their work items.

All Upstream Items are Cooked

This node will generate work items once all of the input nodes have cooked their work items.

Each Upstream Item is Cooked

This node will generate work items each time a work item in an input node is cooked.


The generation mode is selected based on the generation mode of the input nodes. If any of the input nodes are generating work items when their inputs cook, this node will be set to Each Upstream Item is Cooked. Otherwise, it will be set to All Upstream Items are Generated.


USD File

Determines the source of the USD file.

Upstream File

Reads from file data on the upstream work item.

Custom File Path

Reads from the specified file path.

With File Tag

Tag that identifies the upstream file data to read.

This parameter is only available when USD File is set to Upstream File.


Full path to the USD file to read.

This parameter is only available when USD File is set to Custom File Path.

Resolution Mode

Determines which parts of the input stage and its sub-layers (references) are traversed.

Flattened Stage

Flattens the stage before searching everything in it.

Recursive Layer

Searches the stage’s root layer recursively and all sub-layers without flattening the stage.

Single Layer

Searches just the stage’s root layer without considering sub-layers.

File Types

Determines which types of files are traversed.

USD Files

Searches for referenced USD files.

Non-USD Files

Searches for non-USD files and ignores any files in the HOUDINI_TEMP_DIR directory.

All Files

All files are returned.


When on, the node evaluates the asset path attributes at the specified time instead of the default of 0.

This parameter is not available when File Types is set to USD Files.

Output File Tag

When on, the node applies this tag to output file data instead of automatically detecting a tag.


USDImportFiles Example for USD Import Files TOP node

This example demonstrates how to generate work items from files referenced by a USD file using the USD Import TOP node.

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