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Filters one or multiple workitems by specific attribute values.

This node is extremely useful in wedging workflows where you generate several wedges, and then want to continue working with just a select few items. You can then easily filter the values you need with this node. You can specify multiple values and then set whether to keep work items with values equal to, not equal to, greater than, or less than those values.


Attribute Name

The attribute name on the work-items to be used for filtering.

Combine Mode

How to combine the results for multiple specified values. Union mode “ors” the results together while Intersection “ands” them together. For example, lets say you have an attribute with values ranging from 0 to 10, and you have set up this node to filter items with values greater than 4 and less than 8. The Union mode will keep all work items with values greater than 4 OR less than 8, whereas the Intersection mode will keep all work items with values greater than 4 AND less than 8.

Invert Result

Turning this on will return the workitems that would have been filtered out, instead of the result the filter would produce.


Specifies the type of comparison that needs to be done.


An attribute value in the attribute specified in “Attribute Name” you want to perform the filtering against.

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