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Shotgun Download TOP node

Download an attachment from Shotgun.

This node can be used in one of two ways. The first way involves specifying an attachment ID directly and downloading it. In this mode, the filename cannot be automatically determined. Otherwise, you can use a Shotgun Find node to search for an entity that has an attachment in one of its fields. The field containing the attachment must be specified in the Shotgun Find node as well as the Shotgun Download node.





Specify ID

Enter an attachment ID to download.

Use Upstream Result

Use a tag to search result data for an attachment ID.


Enter an attachment ID, directly or using an expression.


If Use Upstream Result is specified, enter a tag here to search result data for an attachment ID.

Attachment Field

If enabled, specify a field name that the attachment is contained in.

Attachment Field

Specify the internal field name that contains the attachment to download.

Automatic File Name

If possible, automatically determine the file name.

Output Path

The path to which the downloaded file will be written.

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