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Attribute Rename TOP node

Renames attributes on work items.

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Since 18.0

This node renames a list of attributes from incoming work items. (More correctly, it generates clones of the incoming work items, but with several attributes renamed).



Generate When

Determines when this node will generate work items. You should generally leave this set to “Automatic” unless you know the node requires a specific generation mode, or that the work items need to be generated dynamically.

All Upstream Items are Generated

This node will generate work items once all of the input nodes have generated their work items.

All Upstream Items are Cooked

This node will generate work items once all of the input nodes have cooked their work items.

Each Upstream Item is Cooked

This node will generate work items each time a work item in an input node is cooked.


The generation mode is selected based on the generation mode of the input nodes. If any of the input nodes are generating work items when their inputs cook, this node will be set to Each Upstream Item is Cooked. Otherwise, it will be set to All Upstream Items are Generated.

Rename When

When this parameter is on, you can set it to an expression that’s evaluated for each work item. Attributes on a work item will be renamed if this parameter’s expression returns to a non-zero value for that item. For example, to only rename attributes on work items whose index is greater than 5, enable this parameter and set its expression to @pdg_index > 5.


Number of Renames

A multiparm of attribute rename operations.

Attribute From/To

The name of the existing attribute to rename, and the new name to be assigned.

Overwrite Existing Attributes

If the new attribute name matches an existing attribute the existing attribute will be replaced if this is checked. If this is unchecked, an error will be reported.

On Attribute Not Found

Determines what happens when the given attribute name does not exist.

Report Error: An error is reported if the attribute is not found.

Report Warning: A warning is reported if the attribute is not found.

Ignore: The rename operation is skipped.


RenameAttributes Example for Attribute Rename TOP node

This example file demonstrates how to rename work item attributes.

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