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ROP Composite Output TOP node

Creates work items that cook an embedded Composite ROP node

Since 17.5

This node is a subnet that contains a ROP Fetch TOP node and a ROP Network with a Composite ROP node. The parameters on the Composite node are promoted onto this node’s interface. Relevant parameters from the ROP Fetch are also available.

The subnet also contains a built in COP network. By default the ROP Composite is configured to use that COP network. When the Use External COP option is enabled the ROP Composite can instead be used with any COP network in the .hip file.


The $HH/help/files/pdg_examples/top_rop example shows how you can use this node to overlay text on top of rendered images.


ROPCompositeOutput Example for ROP Composite Output TOP node

This examples demonstrates how to use ROP Composite Output TOP node to run a COP network on images from input work items.

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