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Shotgun Create TOP node

Create a Shotgun entity.





No Project

Create an entity that does not have a parent project.

Use Upstream Project

Use a tag to search result data for a project ID.

Specify Project

Enter a project ID.

Create Project

Create a project.


If Use Upstream Project is selected, enter a tag here to search result data for a project ID.

Project ID

Enter a project ID, directly or using an expression.

Entity Type

The type of entity to be created, eg. Asset, Version, etc.

Specify Fields

Specify fields on the entity. The values from the Fields tab will be merged with the Python dictionary of fields in Extra Fields, with Extra Fields taking precedence.


Field Name

Internal name of the field in the Shotgun entity.


Specify the type of the Shotgun field. Not all types are supported in this multiparm; further types can be specified in Extra Fields.


String value of the field.


Integer value of the field.


Boolean value of the field.


Float value of the field.

Extra Fields

Extra Fields

A Python Dictionary of extra fields on the entity. If a field is specified in both Fields and Extra Fields, the value in Extra Fields takes precedence.

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