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Subnetwork TOP node

Container for TOP nodes

Since 17.5

The Subnet op is essentially a way of creating a macro to represent a collection of ops as a single op in the Network Editor. The Subnet op can contain an entire op Network within it, stream-lining and simplifying your op network both visually and conceptually. Subnets are also a useful starting point for building digital assets containing multiple TOP nodes.

Selecting Edit SubNetwork… from the op’s pop-up menu presents you with a new Network Editor with four subnetwork inputs. These four inputs are connected directly to the four inputs on the Subnet op in your original network. Proceed by attaching ops as required to these four subnetwork inputs.

It is possibled to use Output nodes to control how nodes in the subnetwork are wired into the outputs of the subnetwork itself.

Please refer to subnetworks for a complete discussion and an example of how to use subnetworks.

TOP nodes