Houdini 19.0 HScript commands otinuse

otinuse HScript command

Helps determine what Operator Type Libraries are in a given Hip file.

Replaced by





otinuse [-n] [-t] [-l] [-f otlfile] [rootnode]

Also helps determine which operator types are within OTLs. At least one of -n, -t, and -l must be specified. If more than one is set, the data is output with the node name first, then the operator type, then the OTL file name.

The rootnode parameter indicates where Houdini should start searching for eligible nodes. The search is performed recursively. If a rootnode is not set, the entire Hip file is searched.



Specifies that the names of any nodes matching the search should be output.


Indicates the operator type should be output.


Indicates that the OTL file name should be output for all matching nodes.

-f otlfile

If -f is specified, only nodes defined by operator types in that OTL file will be output. If -f is not given, any operator defined by any OTL will be listed.