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Agent Look At Apply 2.0 dynamics node

Moves the head of an agent to look at a target.

Since 14.5

This node is used in conjunction with Agent Look At to modify the transform of the head bone of an agent to orient it towards an object or position.



Specifies whether this node is activated.


The group of agents to modify.


Specifies whether to display guide geometry indicating each agent’s current target.

Eye Offset

The offset (in agent world space) to use from the head bone position.

Limit Head Turn Per Frame

If enabled, limits how far the agent’s head can rotate in a single frame. This causes the agent’s head to gradually turn towards the target. If disabled, the agent’s head will always look directly at the target position.

Adjust Immediately on Initial Frame

Specifies that the head should be adjusted immediately on the initial frame (if necessary), instead of being limited by the maximum turn rate.

Head Turn Angle

The maximum angle (in degrees) that the agent’s head can rotate by in a single frame if Limit Head Turn Per Frame is enabled.

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