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Crowd Fuzzy Logic dynamics node

Defines a Crowd Fuzzy Logic

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Since 14.5

Crowd Fuzzy Logic is a wrapper node for fuzzy network setup. It lets the user change crowd state based on the fuzzy logic. The final crisp value that is defuzzed can be plugged into the threshold setup that will output boolean true/false which will trigger the Crowd Transition. The node has the 'output' binding which will change based on whether the output should be a 'boolean' value (for crowd transitions) or a 'crisp' value (that will be used in other fuzzy setups). Node will automatically create 'bind' vops inside for the wired inputs.



Specifies what output type to create.


Output attribute is a boolean True/False

Boolean Threshold

Value to be compared aginst in the boolean test


Logic test to generate true/flase value


Output attribute is the result of the fuzzy setup


Crowd Trigger, Crowd Trigger Logic, Crowd Fuzzy Logic


Crowd Transition, Crowd Trigger Logic, Crowd Fuzzy Logic

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