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POP Steer Custom dynamics node

Applies forces to agents/particles calulated using a VOP network.

Since 14.0

This is a crowd behavior node, but you can also use it on regular particles (see the Output attribute parameter).

The VOP network ends in a Add Steer Force VOP with parameters/inputs for “Only Add” (boolean), “Steer Force” (float), and “Weight” (float). When “Only Add” is true, the steer force value is added to the existing steer force. When “Only Add” is false, the steer force value is multiplied by the weight and normalized by the crowd solver (see crowd force weights).



When this is off, the node will have no effect. You can animate this to turn the behavior on or off at different times.


Only modify a certain group or groups out of all agents/particles. You can name groups of agents using the Group Name parameter on the Crowd Source geometry node.

Output Attribute

If you are working with agents, set this parameter to Crowds steerforce. If you are working with particles, set this parameter to POP force.

Controls whether the node modifies the agent’s steerforce attribute (used by the crowd solver) or the particle’s force attribute (used by the POP solver).


Available when Output Attribute is set to Crowd steerforce. This number is used by the crowd solver to normalize and scale multiple forces that apply to an agent.

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