Houdini 20.0 Nodes Dynamics nodes

POP Hair Internal Force dynamics node

Compute hair separation force using a VDB volume approach.

The separation force is computed based on the gradient of a density volume.



Voxel Size

The voxel size of the computed density volume. This should be a value similar to the hair width. When simulating guide hairs, this values must be increased from the final generated hair width, to account for decreased hair density.

Density Threshold

Minimum required density for any separation to occur.

Density Bandwidth

The computed force increases in strength over this Density Bandwidth.

When density matches the Density Threshold, no force will be applied. When density equals Density Threshold + Density Bandwidth, the force is in full effect.

Volume Force

The maximum magnitude of the computed force.


Additional drag to apply.

Use Timestep

Whether to scale the Time Scale by the current timestep. If off, Time Scale is an absolute time in seconds.

Time Scale

An overall scale applied to the actual timestep.

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