Houdini 19.0 Python scripting hou hou.rampBasis

hou.rampBasis module

Enumeration of ramp interpolation types.

These interpolation types specify how Houdini interpolates between keyframed values in a hou.Ramp. See hou.Ramp.basis() and hou.Ramp.__init__() for more information about how to get and set ramp interpolation types.



Does a linear (straight line) interpolation between keys.


Holds the value constant until the next key.


Interpolates smoothly between the keys. See Catmull-Rom_spline .


Another smooth interpolation that ensures that there is no overshoot. For example, if a key’s value is smaller than the values in the adjacent keys, this type ensures that the interpolated value is never less than the key’s value.


Cubic Bezier curve that interpolates every third control point and uses the other points to shape the curve. See Bezier curve .


Cubic curve where the control points influence the shape of the curve locally (that is, they influence only a section of the curve). See B-Spline .


Cubic Hermite curve that interpolates the odd control points, while even control points control the tangent at the previous interpolation point. See Hermite spline .