Houdini 19.0 Python scripting hou hou.HDAViewerHandleModule

hou.HDAViewerHandleModule class

User-defined Python module containing the implementation and registration code of a python viewer handle stored in a digital asset.

HDAViewerHandleModule is similar to hou.HDAViewerStateModule but dedicated for python viewer handles. It is mainly used to access the python viewer handle module that is associated with a particular digital asset type. You don’t normally need HDAViewerHandleModule for using python handles though, this object is typically used by Houdini for registering the python handles embedded in the digital asset.

The python handle state module’s source code is stored in the ViewerHandle Module section of the Interactive|Handle Script tab in the Type Properties dialog. The source code can be edited with the Handle script editor.

See hou.Node.hdaViewerHandleModule() and hou.NodeType.hdaViewerHandleModule() for creating HDAViewerHandleModule instances.