Houdini 19.0 Python scripting hou hou.HDASection

hou.HDASection class

Represents a “section” of data stored along with a digital asset.

A digital asset stores its contents in a number of different pieces of data called sections. Each section is named and contains an arbitrarily sized piece of data, often textual. Each section is like a file embedded inside the definition, and Houdini uses specially named sections to store the node contents, list of parameters, etc. You can embed your own data into a digital asset by putting it inside a section.

Any parameter in Houdini that references a file can also reference a section inside a digital asset. For example, if car is an object-level digital asset and the section is named "texture.jpg", you can reference that texture with opdef:/Object/car?texture.jpg. Note that hou.readFile() also supports this opdef: syntax.

By moving files into digital asset sections, you can build self-contained digital assets that can be distributed via a single hda file.

Note that section names may contain '/'.