Houdini 19.0 Python scripting hou hou.updateModeSetting

hou.updateModeSetting HOM function

Return Houdini’s cook update mode (Auto Update/On Mouse Up/Manual) that is displayed in the status bar.

updateModeSetting() hou.updateMode enum value

Houdini’s update mode determines when it will recook its nodes after you make parameter changes. When it is Auto Update, it will recook whenever any parameter changes. When it is On Mouse Up, it will not recook while you are tuning a parameter with a viewport or ladder handle until you release the mouse. When it is Manual, it will only recook when you press the update button in the status bar.

Note that this function is named updateModeSetting because hou.updateMode refers to the submodule containing enumeration values. This function used to be in the hou.ui submodule, but it was moved into the main hou module because it also applies to a non-graphical Houdini.

>>> # Prevent Houdini from cooking any nodes.
>>> hou.setUpdateMode(hou.updateMode.Manual)
>>> hou.updateModeSetting()
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