Houdini 19.0 Python scripting hou hou.logging

hou.logging package

Module containing functions and classes for logging warnings and errors.

Houdini’s logging system consists of sources and sinks. Sources generate and distribute log entries. Sinks receive log entries from sources, and do something with them. Sources are global, and identified by a unique name string (such as Node Errors which is a source that generates a log entry for every message, warning, or error generated by nodes). There can be any number of sinks created in a Houdini session, and each one can connect to a different set of sources. Thus you could create one sink that sends all node errors to a file, another sink that sends all rendering messages to a different file, and a third sink that captures in memory all log entries generated by any sink (the same source may be connected to multiple sinks). This system allows for fine grained control over which log entries are captured, and what is done with each log entry.