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Import Detail Attribute VOP node

Since 14.0

Import Detail Attribute can fetch the attribute value from a geometry stored on disk.



What type of attribute data to fetch. The attribute should be large enough to fill out the desired size. For example, a vector attribute needs to be a float attribute of size 3. Therefore to fetch color, you'd use Vector Attribute.

Default Value

If the attribute cannot be imported because it does not exist, or is not a compatible type, or the specified element is invalid, this will be the resulting value.


You can fetch attributes from one of the inputs to the current operator rather than a file. When set to other than File, the Geometry File is overridden. This allows you to refer to a SOP operator without the op: or opinput: syntax.

Geometry File

The file on disk to fetch an attribute from.


The name of the attribute to fetch. Cd fetches the common color attribute, and P will fetch point position.

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