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Karma AOV 2.0 2.0 VOP node

Creates a shading signal for output to an AOV, as well as the render vars.

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Since 20.0

This node marks a shader signal for output by the renderer to an AOV (render var). It configuring the corresponding render var automatically.

With Create Render Var enabled, the Material Library LOP will create the Render Vars for you, beneath their corresponding material. The Material Library will also automatically reference the material render vars to the standard /Render/Products/Vars location. Downstream Karma Render Settings nodes will automatically detect the render vars and make them available in the render.


Unlike the previous Karma AOV node, this node is not inserted in-line to the shading graph.


  • This new approach to materials-defined AOVs is a Karma-specific convention, and is not a standard defined by USD or other render delegates.

  • Although this node is connected to the subnet output of the Karma Material Subnet, the custom inputs are added to the shader. This is due to the way Hydra conveys the UsdShade material graph through to Karma.

  • The render var’s type is automatically detected from the input signal’s data-type.

  • Use an Edit Render Vars LOP if you need to make further customizations to the render var prims generated.


Create Render Var

Signature of the input signal, adapts to the input type automatically. This must match the Source Type of the render var on the Render Vars or Karma Render Settings LOP node.

AOV Name

Name of the render var to create from the input. his must match the Source Name of the render var on the Render Vars or Karma Render Settings LOP node.

Pixel Filter

The type of pixel filter used for this render var’s output. Uses the same menu found on the Karma Render Settings and Render Vars nodes.

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