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PBR Hair Transmission VOP node

Produce a hair BSDF.

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Since 12.0

This node will produce a BSDF for rendering the transmission component of hair. Typically, this node should be combined with primary and secondary reflection components.

The Hair Model VOP combines all three BSDFs to get the overall hair effect.


Component Label

Specifies a label for the BSDF component. This can be used to export contributions from this component to a separate image plane.

Transmission Color

The transmission of the color components (red, green, and blue). For example, specifying 1 0 0 results in the transmission of red light only.

Transmission Size

Controls the angular spread of the transmission. Low values result in transmission over a narrow cone of angles, and high values result in transmission over a broader cone.

Transmission Shift

Controls the general direction of the transmission. Values range from -1 (towards the hair’s root) to 1 (towards the hair’s tip). A value of 0 results in a direction perpendicular to the hair. The effect of this parameter is most noticeable with a small transmission size.



Normalized surface normal.



The transmission BSDF.

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