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Sub Network VOP node

Contains other VOP operators.

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This operator contains other VOP operators. It generates no code of its own, and simply acts as a container for a block of functionality.

Use this operator to help organize complex VOP networks. If a network becomes very large and difficult to navigate, it often helps to collapse self-contained blocks of functionality into subnets. When doing this, try to isolate and collapse groups of operators that do not involve large numbers of external connection.


Next Input

Up to 64 inputs can be connected here. Each time an input is connected, a new input slot is added.

All connected inputs mimic the properties of the output wired into them. They adopt the same help label and name as the output connected to them. If multiple outputs with the same name are connected, the names of the inputs are automatically incremented to make them unique.


The list of outputs depends on the inputs connected to the Subnet Output operator contained in this operator. The data type and name of each output will match the corresponding input of the Subnet Output operator.

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