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Karma Ramp Constant VOP node

Look up the color/float at a certain index in a ramp.

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Since 20.0

Set up the Ramp parameter in the parameter editor. Then in the network you can wire in an input position (0.0 - 1.0) to output the corresponding color/float at that horizontal position in the ramp.

This node is faster than the MatlX Color Ramp node, but this node only works with Karma, while the MaterialX node works with any MaterialX capable renderer. If you want to make a pure MaterialX material the can be shared between different renderers, use the MatlX Color Ramp node instead.



Switch between color and float ramps


The ramp to look up values in. Currently the node only supports Linear interpolated color/float ramps.



The index into the ramp. The Ramp Parameter node outputs the value of the ramp at this position.



The value of the ramp at the position specified by the input to this node.

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