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Point Cloud Filter VOP node

This node filters the points queried by pcopen.

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This node filters points queried by pcopen to produce an averaged result. The pcfilter VOP invokes the underlying pcfilter VEX function.

pcfilter takes the points that were opened by the point cloud and produces a filtered value. The following equation shows how the individual points are weighted.

w_i = 1-smooth(0, maxd*1.1, d_i);

maxd is the farthest point, and w_i is the weight for a given point at distance (d_i). Points that are closer to the center will be weighted higher with that formula, rather than it being an average.



The point cloud handle to be used for filtering.


The channel name to be filtered.



The filtered value. The pcfilter VOP will filter using a smooth falloff with distance from the lookup point.

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