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Lens Chromatic Aberration VOP node

A VOP that can generates the tint and index of refraction for chromatic aberration effects.

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Since 19.0


This is a lens shader component that generates a tint and a corresponding index of refraction. This is commonly used with the Karma Physical Lens Core node.


Amount of Aberration

This value plus one represents the index of refraction applied to blue light. The shader then linearly maps this value down to an index of refraction of 1.0 for red light. For example, a value of 0.2 means the index of refraction is 1.2 for blue light and 1.0 for red light, with a linear gradient in between.

Aberration Ramp

This ramp controls the mapping of aberrations between blue and red light. The left edge of the ramp represents blue light and the right edge represents red light. The vertical axis represents the index of refraction and goes from 1.0 at the bottom to 1.0 + the value of Chromatic Aberration at the top.






A tint which corresponds to a random wavelength of visible light.


The index of refraction for the corresponding wavelength of visible light. Sampled from the Aberration Ramp.

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