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OpenSubdiv Lookup Patch VOP node

Outputs the OSD patch and UV coordinates corresponding to the given coordinates on a Houdini polygon face.

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Since 16.0

To get Houdini coordinates from OSD coordinates, use OpenSubdiv Lookup Face.



A string containing a geometry file name. When running inside Houdini, this can be an op:/path/to/sop reference.


The Houdini primitive number of the face.

face_u, face_v

The U/V coordinates on the Houdini face. The output coordinates will have values in the range 0 to 1.


If you specify a texture attribute, the function uses the UVs in that attribute to translate the patch coordinates onto the Houdini geometry.



1 on success or 0 on an error.


The ID number of the corresponding OSD patch.

patch_u, patch_v

The corresponding coordinates in the subdivision patch to map onto a Houdini primitive. These values should be in the range 0 to 1.

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