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Import Vertex Attribute VOP node

Since 14.0

Import Vertex Attribute can fetch the attribute value from a geometry stored on disk.


The Geometry Global vtxnum is a linear vertex number. Thus you should not wire both primnum and vtxnum.



What type of attribute data to fetch. The attribute should be large enough to fill out the desired size. For example, a vector attribute needs to be a float attribute of size 3. Therefore to fetch color, you'd use Vector Attribute.

Default Value

If the attribute cannot be imported because it does not exist, or is not a compatible type, or the specified element is invalid, this will be the resulting value.


You can fetch attributes from one of the inputs to the current operator rather than a file. When set to other than File, the Geometry File is overridden. This allows you to refer to a SOP operator without the op: or opinput: syntax.

Geometry File

The file on disk to fetch an attribute from.


The name of the attribute to fetch. Cd fetches the common color attribute, and P will fetch point position.


The primitive to fetch from. If not specified, the vertex number is taken to be a linear vertex.


The vertex to fetch from. If a primitive is specified, this is the vertex within that primitive. Otherwise it is a global linear vertex number.

If it isn’t specified, the current vertex (which is a linear vertex number!) is used.

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