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Karma Pyro Scatter Color VOP node

Creates a color value used to control the emission component of volume shading used for explosions.

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This node reads in a scatter volume (created by Pyro Bake Volume), which is then processed to control the emission aspect of volume shading.

This node is intended as a building block for building larger volume shader.



Intensity Scale

Sets the emission intensity for the scatter. Increase this value to make the scatter brighter.

Hot Core Scale

Scales the emission intensity for the scatter where the luminance of the scatter is bright. As the explosion fades off over time, you will see the effect of this parameter less and less even with very large values because over time the luminance of the scatter value is getting less and less. It is good to boost your explosion brightness at the beginning of the explosion. Increasing the value of Hot Core Scale brightens the explosions fissures.

Color Correct

Turns on the color correction controls for the scatter color.


Rotates the color hue, with values wrapping at 0-1 boundaries.


Adjust the color saturation.


Scatter Volume

The name of the volume to be used for the scatter color. Usually this volume is created by the Pyro Bake Volume node.

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