Houdini 17.5 Nodes VOP nodes

Length VOP node

Computes the length of a 3D or 4D vector.

This operator computes the length of a 3D or 4D vector.


The following examples include this node.

BreakWire Example for Wire Solver dynamics node

This example demonstrates how to break wire constraints on a per point basis. The wire solver is set up to constrain certain points if it finds an attribute named 'pintoanimation'.

AlphaOmega Example for Points from Volume geometry node

This example demonstrates how to use a Points From Volume SOP to create a target goal for a flip simulation and make it fill a given piece of geometry.

ImportVolumes Example for Volume VOP geometry node

This example shows how to import multiple volumes into a Volume VOP SOP.

SensorDeform Example for Sensor Panorama Create VOP node

Example demonstrating sensor creation and how depth information can be extracted using the cone command. This allows the centre sphere to be deform by observed sphere.

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