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Xor VOP node

Performs a logical “xor” operation between its inputs.

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Since 12.5

This operator performs a logical “xor” operation between its inputs. Xor is short for Exclusive Or. It returns true if either input is true, but false if both are true or neither is true.

The word “or” in English is often closest to “xor” as it implies you must pick on, and only one, of the options. For example, when asked if you want “Soup or Salad?”, “Both” is not an acceptable answer.

When applied to more than two inputs it becomes a count of the “parity” of the number of true inputs. If an even number of inputs is true, it returns 0. If an odd number of inputs is true, it returns 1.

Being a logical operator, “true” means any number other than 0 and “false” means zero.


Bitwise Operation

Instead of any non-zero value being treated the same, the input is broken into individual bits and the operation performed on them.


Input Number 1…N

The input values to be combined together.

Next Input

Where the next input value should be connected. Up to 64 inputs can be specified.


Combined Value

The logical “and” combination of all inputs.

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