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Karma Hexagonal Tiling Triplanar VOP node

Seamless texturing and normal mapping without visible repetitions involving triplanar projections and based on P.

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Since 20.0

The Karma Hexagonal Tiling Texture VOP is used to texture large areas without visible seams or repetitions through adjacent hexagonal tiles. The tiles are randomly scaled and rotated to create a natural surface. This node supports triplanar projection.



You can choose from two hexagonal tiling modes

  • Color. Returns RGBA result based on provided color texture map.

  • Normal. Returns vector (normal) based on provided normal map generated in tangent space.


The name and path of the texture file. The map should contain a non-structural and non-repetitive pattern for seamless tiling. Typical examples are photos from grass or stones.


Controls the tiles' size, based on P coordinates.

Random Scale

Randomly scales each hexagonal texture cell for a realistic look.


Randomly rotates each hexagonal texture cell for a realistic look.


Controls the contrast between blended hexagonal cells.


Controls the contrast falloff between blended hexagonal cells. A value of 0 creates a hard transition.

Weight Exp

Controls the weight of transition areas between hexagonal cells exponentially.


Initializes the random number generator. Different values create different results.

Source Color Space

Active for Color signature. Indicates the source texture’s color space.

Normal Map Height

Active for Normal signature. Controls the height of normal mapping.


Active for Normal signature. Switches between bulge and bump modes.



Returns a tiled texture’s RGB color and alpha values or vector in case of Normal signature.


Returns tiles weight.

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