Houdini 17.5 Nodes VOP nodes

Exponential VOP node

Computes the exponential function of the argument.

This operator computes the exponential function of the argument.


The following examples include this node.

DiffuseSmoke Example for Gas Diffuse dynamics node

This example demonstrates how to diffuse the density of a smoke simulation using the Gas Diffuse DOP.

FluffyTorus Example for Bake Volume geometry node

This example shows how to setup the Bake Volume SOP to compute the lightfield created by the shadowing of a fog volume. It then exports the fields properly to be rendered in Mantra by a constant volume shader.

PathAnalysis Example for Find Shortest Path geometry node

This is an advanced example of how to use the FindShortestPath SOP to prefer "central" paths, based on centraily measures computed using FindShortestPath and AttribWrangle. This helps avoid staying too close to walls where avoidable.

Turn on the Display Option > Optimization > Culling > Remove Backfaces to see inside the space more easily. Try visualizing the different centrality measures using the switch node. The same example without considering the centrality of the path is demonstrated in a side branch of the SOP network, in order to see the difference.

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