Houdini 20.0 Nodes VOP nodes

Delayed Load Procedural VOP node

Since 11.0

This procedural will load geometry from an external disk file. Files loaded by the procedural can be shared amongst other instances of the procedural.



The geometry file.

Material Archive

A file containing material definitions for the geometry.

Blur File

The file for deformation motion blur.


Optionally, a shutter time can be specified when rendering motion blur.

Share Geometry

This option will cause multiple procedurals which reference the same geometry file to share the geometry. This means that less time is spent loading the geometry, but that the geometry is retained in memory for the duration of the render. If memory is at a premium, you may get better performance by turning this option off.


When the bounding box is not specified, the geometry will be loaded at declaration time, impacting memory.

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