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Eggshell Pattern VOP node

Returns a new surface normal (N) which has a slight fine grained bump on it.

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This operator returns a new normalized and front faced normal generated by adding noise based on the input point and added to the input normal. This is just normal perturbation, not a displacement.



The position the noise is based on. If this input is not connected, the global P is used instead and the Object Space toggle should be on. Typically the Rest Position or /nodes/vop/uvspacechg.html are used as inputs for the position.


The Surface Normal the bump affects. Typically this is not connected and the global N is used, unless additional displacement is desired.


The frequency of the noise. Higher number result is a finer grain.


This is the height of the bump. Since this is just a normal perturbation, not a displacement, this should be a small number.


This toggle defaults to off. It should be set to on, when the position is not connected or the input point is not in Object Space. This keeps the noise attached to the object.



This is the new normal, which is normalized and faced front.

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